Daugavpils Fortress Lunete restoration

Type : Restoration
Object : Daugavpils Fortress
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Started : 2013
Finished :

In 2012 the restoration project of 1st coast lunette and corps de garde (ward room) was added to the restoration projects made in the fortress. The project includes the architectural-artistic research and inventory of the corps de garde building. Since there were comparatively little historical materials, the historical view of the building was revealed during the project designing. The fine brick masonry and the building plan solutions that are regarded as a unique value caused a surprise during the project designing.

After restoration of the building there will be a stylized guard point through that the visitors of the Fortress shall arrive in Daugavpils Fortress through the Nicolay gates. Within the framework of the project it is planned to restore the barrier gate and the 1st coast lunette. The project is designed in cooperation with the architect and the restoration expert Pēteris Blūms.