Daugavpils University

Type : Educational
Object : Daugavpils University
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Area : 16 000 m2
Started : 2013
Finished :
In partnership with rti

The reconstruction of Daugavpils University at Parādes Str. 1A, Daugavpils, is planned in 2 stages. 1st stage is renovation of the existing building. Its volume comprises of renovation of lecture-rooms, corridors and entrance-hall, the buildings shall be adapted for persons with movement disorders. It is planned to construct an observatory.

The block of the building to be newly erected includes a huge laboratory and lecture-rooms complex where equipment that is in the historical building of the university at Vienības street and new technologies are placed, event constructing the so called “clean room” suitable for the NANO technologies. The buildings form an interesting volume that can be clearly seen from Daugavpils town dam – Daugava Street.

The project plans arrangement of territory. Designer of the architecture part of the project – SIA “Nams”.