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    REM PRO provides full services for, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) design. The services include design, modeling, testing and inspections by our engineers. We also offer comprehensive mechanical design services, according to clients needs and given requirements. The company’s approach pursues the path of collaborative work – we connect with the clients and partners in an effort to always give quick responses to any issues and proposed changes in a project.

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    Low vitamin D levels have been associated with decreased sperm motility in healthy men, but a relationship between vitamin D and calcium with semen quality and especially sex steroids has not been sufficiently described in infertile men. testosterone.

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    Exposure to testosterone during a critical period of prenatal development disrupts the normal display of sexual behaviors in adult ovariectomized (OVX) rats treated with estradiol benzoate (EB) followed by progesterone (P). The organizational hypothesis posits that prenatally androgenized females (PNAFs) are desensitized to EB. We tested this hypothesis by first treating PNAFs with varying doses of EB (2.5, 5, 10, 20μg) followed by P (500μg), and second by subjecting females to an established EB behavioral sensitization paradigm where females are first given sexual experience with EB (10μg) and P prior to repeated sexual behavior testing with EB alone. Long-Evans females were androgenized in utero by a s.c. injection of 500μg testosterone propionate or the oil control to pregnant dams on gestational day 18. Female offspring were OVX on postnatal day 80 and tested one week later in the unilevel 4-hole pacing chamber. Genital tissue was defeminized in PNAFs, and the lordosis quotient (LQ) and partial (i.e., hops/darts) and full solicitations were significantly lower, while defensive behaviors were higher, in PNAF females, relative to non-PNAF females regardless of the acute EB priming dose. However, repeated testing with EB alone (10μg), or EB and P eliminated the differences between groups on LQ and hops/darts, indicating that the behavioral deficit can be overcome by sexual experience. These results suggest that PNAFs are not desensitized to EB, and despite disruptions in sexual differentiation of anatomical structures, the deficiency in sexual behavior in response to acute EB and P can be experientially overcome. PNAFs appear, however, to have a chronic deficit in the expression of full solicitations. testosterone.

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    Performing large muscle group exercises first in RE training and progressing to small muscle group produced greater anabolic hormonal response relative to reverse sequence in normal-weight young adult men. Anabolic hormonal response to REOs was blunted in the obese group. testosterone.

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    In this experimental study, forty adult male Wistar rats (220 ± 20 g) were randomly divided into five groups (n=8 for each group). One group served as control and one group served as sham control [distilled water was intraperitoneally (i.p.) injected]. ACV was administered intraperitoneally in the drug treatment groups (4, 16 and 48 mg/kg/day) for 15 days. Eighteen days after the last injection, rats were sacrificed by CO2 inhalation. After that, cauda epididymides were removed surgically. At the end, sperm concentrations in the cauda epididymis, sperm motility, morphology, viability, chromatin quality and DNA integrity were analyzed. Serum testosterone concentrations were determined. testosterone.

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    This study shows that central arterial stiffness and diastolic dysfunction are not increased in young women with PCOS, whereas they are associated with both insulin resistance and central obesity. Obesity thus represents the greatest modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease in young women with PCOS and lifestyle measures which target weight reduction are critical. testosterone.

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    It is increasingly recognized that brain-derived estrogens (neuroestrogens) can regulate brain physiology and behavior much faster than what was previously known from the transcriptional action of estrogens on nuclear receptors. One of the best examples of such neuromodulation by neuroestrogens concerns the acute regulation of sensory coding by the auditory cortex as demonstrated by electrophysiological studies of selected neurons in zebra finches. Yet, the spatial extent of such modulation by neuroestrogens is not known. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we demonstrate here that acute estrogen depletion alters within minutes auditory processing in male European starlings. These effects are confined to very specific but large areas of the auditory cortex. They are also specifically lateralized to the left hemisphere. Interestingly, the modulation of auditory responses by estrogens was much larger (both in amplitude and in topography) in March than in December or May/June. This effect was presumably independent from changes in circulating testosterone concentrations since levels of the steroid were controlled by subcutaneous implants, thus suggesting actions related to other aspects of the seasonal cycle or photoperiodic manipulations. Finally, we also show that estrogen production specifically modulates selectivity for behaviorally relevant vocalizations in a specific part of the caudomedial nidopallium. These findings confirm and extend previous conclusions that had been obtained by electrophysiological techniques. This approach provides a new very powerful tool to investigate auditory responsiveness in songbirds and its fast modulation by sex steroids.SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT Neuroestrogens can acutely modulate sensory processing in a manner similar to neuromodulators. We report that acute estrogen depletion rapidly disrupts auditory processing in large areas of the male starling brain. Effects were larger in March than in December or May/June, lateralized to the left hemisphere and specific to behaviorally relevant stimuli. These findings confirm and extend previous data that identified an acute regulation of auditory neurons in zebra finches by (1) delineating the extent of the brain region affected, (2) confirming its lateralization, and (3) demonstrating that a large part of the auditory brain regions are acutely affected by estrogens. These findings provide a very powerful tool to investigate auditory responsiveness in songbirds and its fast modulation by sex steroids. testosterone.

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