Master plan in Minsk

Type : Residential/Retail
Object : Novovilenskiy
Location : Belarus/Minsk
Area : 200 789 m2
Started : 2013
Finished :

Located in an old poultry farm in the riverfront next to the city centre, the projects consists in the implementation of a water canal dividing 1 zones: one more private and exclusive and another more “open” and public. In the riverbank will be designed a public promenade that connects to all public spaces and parks. The buildings consists in 3 typologies: Townhouses with 2 stories, residential building with 3 and others with 4-5. The lowers will be next to the riverbank and the highers in the opposite side.

For residents and visitants was also created different routes for different activities. While some will be used for jogging and sports, others will connect the different interior courtyards that will accommodate shops, cafes and restaurants. We also included a public plaza with a water mirror that in winter time will be converted to a ski ring.