New hanza city (external networks)

Type : Infrastructure
Object : New Hanza City
Location : Latvia/Riga
Area : 40 000 m2
Started : 2013
Finished :

This is where the structure of the city, stretching northwards and southwards, is contiguous with the Pulkveža Brieža street. Both structures overlap partially within the planned territory. Arranged into rectangular blocks, the development forms the Pulkveža Brieža street – one of the main streets of Riga. This peculiarity is reflected by the “New Hanza City” project, which provides for the development of the territory adjacent to this street. The town-building accents of the project territory, the diagonal restricted traffic zone with the central square, the bank, the hotel, the shopping and office blocks are turned towards the main square, which is located in the northern section of the territory, at the crossroads of the Pulkveža Brieža street and the new lane.