Building renovation

Type : Bulding
Object : Building facade
Location : Latvija/Riga
Started : 2017
Finished :

The building is located in the territory of the Riga City Historical Center and the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Riga Historical Center, and is included in the list of nationally protected cultural monuments as architectural monument of national importance. The project and the author’s supervision included:
– facade renovation and restoration, including plaster repairs and reliefs, restoration of ornamental elements and decorations;
– renovation or replacement of existing doors and historic windows;
– disassembly or relocation of conditioning equipment with decorative protective panels;
– renovation of rainwater drainage system;
– development of functional and decorative lighting solutions for building facades;
– Balcony renovation
– to create new load-bearing metal structures and reinforced concrete balcony slab cover in place of existing structures, renovate balcony railings, perform balcony decoration.