Construction of a new factory building

Type : Construction
Object : Industrial zone
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Area : 5 957,5 m2
Started : 2017
Finished :

Project solutions include zoning and improvement of the whole area.
In the north of the building there is a large space for free maneuvering of cars, because it is where the building is intended for loading and unloading of raw materials.
To the south and east of the building are parking spaces for 17 (3 handicapped parking spaces) and 32 cars with a fairly wide 7.0m wide carriageway, providing easy access on both sides of the road. Bicycle parking place with “U” type racks for 12 bikes. Electric transformer substation is located in the free area.
On the northern side of the free area is planned to place pellet boiler house with convenient access from the square.
On the south side of the main entrance to the building, there are decorative shear shrubs along pedestrian paths.
Along the east, south and west sides of the buildings are 1.8 m and 2.0 m wide pedestrian walkways, which allow people in wheelchairs to move freely.