Construction of the ram tram line

Type : Traffic
Object : Ram tram line
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Length : 2270m
Started : 2018
Finished : 2020

Construction project “Construction of new tram line in section 18.Novembra Street – Veselibas Street – Stropu village” has been developed on the basis of the previously developed building design in minimal composition, Building permit Nr. 55/15-J, as well as the Technical Specification (terms of reference) received.
Within the framework of the project, the construction of the new tram line is planned in the following stages: Crossing of Summer houses and 18Novembra streets to the intersection of Veselības and 18Novembra streets; Intersection of Veselības and 18. novembra streets to the intersection of Veselības street and driveway; Intersection of Veselības Street and Driveway to the Intersection of Driveway and Vasarnīcu Street. It is planned to connect the new track to the existing track at the intersection of the driveway and Vasarnīcu Street. In Vasarnīcu Street (from the intersection with the carriageway), replacement of the catenary supports up to the tram turning circle is planned.
18 Novembra Street – The intersection of Veselības Street intends to install a traffic light to ensure safe tram traffic through the carriageway.
Construction and reconstruction of the following engineering networks is planned:
1. Construction and rebuilding of the catenary system at the above stages.
2.Electronic communication network rebuilding;
3. Rebuilding of gas pipeline networks;
4. Construction and connection of electrochemical protection networks;
5.Reduction of pressure sewerage;
6.Rain sewerage network construction;
7. Reconstruction of heat supply networks.