Daugavpils University

Type : Educational
Object : Daugavpils University
Location : Latvia/Daugavpils
Area : 6 000 m2
Started : 2013
Finished :

he new natural and engineering science laboratory block of the Daugavpils University is created as a highly functional and up-to-date educational and working environment, based on the principles of sustainable development, and is bound to become a place to learn and master new technologies and the respective knowledge, adhering to the modern guidelines. The building is intended to fit harmonically into the existing urban landscape and will be environment-friendly and accessible by people with various functional handicaps (it will be equipped with a ramp and an elevator for wheelchairs, Braille type signs, contrast reference points, etc.). In order to ensure the compliance of the environment with the specific requirements of the laboratories, the construction works will be carried out using the most up-to-date technologies.

The new laboratory block of the Daugavpils University will be a two-storey building with a total area of 6008.4 m2. The Daugavpils University’s natural and engineering science laboratory block is going to house: a tech hangar; chemical, physical, hydroecological, quarternary, parasitologic, biotechnical, histological, metalwork labs as well as a number of other educational laboratories; a sterile room, a server room, a seminar class and studies for the academic personnel. All the rooms are going to be fitted with the most up-to-date equipment.

The construction works are scheduled for completion next spring. The anticipated costs of the construction of the new laboratory building are 6.5 million LVL.