Development of Livani water management

Type : Water supply
Object : Water supply system
Location : Latvia/Livani
Length : 9,48 km
Started : 2017
Finished : 2018

The aim of the project is to establish new sewerage and water connection for residents of Livani city.
Within the framework of this project it is possible to expand the water supply system in order to provide residents with the opportunity to receive quality water supply services.
The construction project for water supply system expansion is being developed at the same time as the construction project for the extension of the domestic sewerage system and it is recommended to construct them simultaneously.
The planned construction of water supply networks in the project total volume of designed main networks 7.57 km, total amount of designed networks 9.48 km.
The planned sewerage network construction is planned in various streets of Livani city, the total planned trunk network size is 9.23 km, including: self-run sewerage networks 8.2 km, pressure pipes 1.03 km, 6 sewerage pumping station.