Mixed use building

Type : Residential/Retail
Object : Mixed-use building
Location : Latvia/Ropaži
Area : 3 000 m2
Started : 2016
Finished :

Two access roads are provided for in order to ensure access to the site. The design provides for the conversion of premises in accordance with the functional purposes provided for by the design assignment: A Multifunctional Centre for the inhabitants of the Ropažu Region; Flats and utility rooms for asylum seekers. The following construction works are intended for performance within the boundaries of the project: dismantlement of the partition walls that do not fit into the new layout: construction of new partition walls with metal frames; weatherization of the foundation; installation of new PVC window units; weatherization of the outer walls; construction of new ramps and an elevator platform for wheelchair users, repair the existing outer stairs and build new ones; carry out the installation of new engineering networks (heating, water supply, sewers and power supply); carry out the interior finish works; install a rainwater discharge system for water removal over the terrain; build roads with asphaltic concrete pavement and sidewalks; install a lighting network and a video surveillance network within the territory; restore the lawn in the adjacent territory upon completion of the construction works. Built-up area 655.25 m2. Total floor area 2226.92 m2.