Multifunctional SPA complex

Type : Infrastructure
Object : Multifunctional SPA complex
Location : Latvia/Preili
Area : 4 000 m2
Started : 2016
Finished :

The design provides for building weatherization. Mineral wool is intended to be used as the heat insulation material. A ventilated facade fibre-cement slabs on a metal frame was chosen as a durable and aesthetically appealing solution for facade finish. The historical one-storey restaurant building is interpreted as an accent of its own kind, a memory of history. The building is designed to have a summer patio with a sloped access ramp. Within the boundaries of construction of the roof and third floor areas, intended for the placement of office rooms for the administrative personnel of the facility and some utility rooms, the design provides for the dismantlement of wall panels, installation of window apertures and adjust the facade finish to match the general style express vpn of the building. All entrance units are designed anew, to meet the environment accessibility requirements. Window apertures are intended to be fitted with two types of units aluminium showcases and wooden windows. The design provides for the dismantlement of nearly all inner walls that are not used as bearing walls. The main stairs will be dismantled as well. A ceiling structure is intended to be built in the central lobby, only leaving a small opening opposite the winter garden. According to the design, the building is going to have the following functional groups of premises: Public communal areas; Public catering areas; Hotel; Public baths; Laundry room; Conference hall; Spa area; Premises for the provision of physiotherapeutic services; Office premises; Technical areas.