Office building

Type : Mixed-use
Object : Office building
Location : Latvia/Liepaja
Area : 2 500 m2
Started : 2016
Finished :

The design provides for the dismantlement of the existing pillars and construction of new pillars. Dismantlement of a part of the ceiling that is in a state of disrepair, and construction of a new ceiling structure. Reinforcement of the existing ceiling (in the central section), or dismantlement thereof and construction of a new ceiling structure. Construction of a new foundation for the staircase and elevator shafts. Hollowing out new apertures on the floors of the building in accordance with the new building layout. Hollowing out apertures for engineering communications in the existing walls and ceilings, and the associated structure reinforcement and refitting. Construction of elevator shafts to the full height of the building. Dismantlement of the staircase. Construction of a new staircase. Construction of new stairs in the retained staircase. Construction of reinforced concrete ramps. Construction of a new antechamber. Reconstruction of the existing garage.