Park hotel Kemeri

Type : Residential
Object : Hotel
Location : Latvia/Jurmala
Area : 20 000 m2
Started : 2016
Finished :

Conversion of the former Ķemeri Health Resort into a five-star hotel Park Hotel Ķemeri. The construction of the hotel is the first stage of renovation of the former Ķemeri Health Resort. The next stage is going to be a wellness clinic, scheduled to open its doors in 2022, whereas the hotel itself is intended to open in May 2018. The clinic is going to occupy three floors. As it was already reported, the first half of year 2017 is intended for the performance of design works related to the restoration of a cultural and historical park with a territory of over 42 hectares, renovation of access ways and street sections, construction of interactive nature tourism sites, land improvement and construction of a parking lot on Emīla Dārziņa Street, whereas the construction works and territory arrangement procedures are scheduled to commence next autumn. According to the publications, the historical health resort facility Ķemeri is going to house a five-star hotel and a wellness clinic.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download