Telecommunication networks

Type : Infrastructure
Object : Telecommunication network
Location : Latvia/Latgale
Area : 200 km
Started : 2013
Finished :

The objective of the project is the design of telecommunication networks in the region of Latgale, including the design of optical network infrastructure within the territory of Balvu, Dagdas, Daugavpils, Rezeknes, Karsavas, Kraslavas, Preilu and Vilaku provinces. The project has been carried out within the boundaries of the European Regional Development Fund project “Next generation network for rural areas”. The project provides for the construction of 200 km of optic cable lines and about 40 connection points. The objective of the project is to ensure sustainable access to broadband Internet services that will contribute to the development of telecommunication infrastructure in the region of Latgale, which is especially important in the rural areas.