Tramways in Daugavpils

Type : Infrastructure
Object : Railway road
Location : Latvia
Started : 2015
Finished :

The project provides for the reconstruction of tram tracks from the crossroads of Vienības Street and 18. Novembra Street to Stacijas Street, from the crossroads of Cietokšņa Street and Parādes Street to the Fortress and the construction of a new tram track turn at the crossroads of 18. Novembra Street and Ventspils Street (towards the centre). Design solutions provide for the reconstruction of tram tracks and overhead wiring (suitable for the traffic of trams with a pantograph or a trolley pole) and the security and relocation of the lighting system, electric cables, water supply and sewer networks and low power networks. The proposed technical solutions upgrade the tramway infrastructure of the city of Daugavpils.