Water and sewerage in Valka

Type : Infrastructure
Object : Water and sewerage
Location : Latvia/Valka
Area : 5 900 m
Started : 2013
Finished :

The objective of the project is the improvement of the quality of water supply and waste water collection & treatment, as well as the expansion of the available range of water infrastructure services, ensuring the high-quality living environment, decreasing the environmental pollution and the eutrophication of water bodies and favoring the rational usage of water and energy resources.

According to the contract made in this regard, 886 m of the existing water supply networks on Talavas and Pumpura streets as well as 204 m of sewer networks on Talavas, Beverinas and Varonu streets are scheduled for reconstruction. Apart from that, 2364.1 m of new water supply networks and 1979.7 m of new sewer networks will be built on Blaumana, Varonu, Talavas, Pumpura, Terauda, Livu, Beverinas and Valdemara streets. The aforementioned project also provides for the construction of a 465 m water supply line branch that will enable the Lauktehnikas district to be supplied with water from the central water supply system of the town of Valka.