Wellness complex

Type : Healthcare
Object : Wellness complex
Location : Latvia/Preili
Area : 6 000 m2
Started : 2016
Finished :

Design solutions provide for zoning and landscaping of the entire territory using modern, durable and high-quality materials and structures. According to the work assignment, the building is insulated. The historic one-story building of the restaurant is interpreted as a kind of accent, a memory of history. A summer terrace with an inclined ramp for entry is planned near the building. As part of the construction of the roof and the third floor, which is planned to be used to accommodate the administration offices of the complex and utility rooms, it is planned to dismantle the wall panels, equip the window openings and bring the facade decoration in line with the general style of the building. The filling of window openings is planned in two types – aluminum display cases and wooden windows. The project provides for the demolition of almost all internal walls that are not structural. The main staircase is also subject to demolition. It is planned to build a ceiling in the central lobby, leaving only a small hole opposite the conservatory. The following functional groups of premises are designed in the building: Public common areas; Catering facilities; Hotel; Public bath; Laundry; Conference hall; Spa area; Premises for the provision of physiotherapy services; Administration premises Technical buildings.